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Q2 Can my e-ticket/ticket/voucher/boarding card be used with any ferry company operating on the same route?


You must ensure that you 'check-in' at the desk of the ferry company named on the e-ticket/ ticket/ voucher/ boarding card.

Some ferry companies, in an effort to gain more business, accept ferry vouchers that are issued in the name of another ferry company.

Failure to take the correct ferry will result in a 'No Show' on the booked ferry and the ticket will be cancelled by default. No refund is possible in this instance.

Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the relevant ferry company it is usually possible to change or cancel an issued ferry ticket before the sailing date. However, we require notice in writing sufficiently far in advance to enable us to make the changes, our Terms and Conditions in this respect will also apply. Administration charges may apply for any ticket re-issue or cancellation.

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