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Q6 What are the regulations relating to taking a foreign registered vehicle into Turkey?

The rules about taking a foreign plated vehicle into Turkey for tourism purposes are constantly changing, so it is necessary to check with your nearest Turkish Consulate or Embassy for the current rules.

Generally, there are no problems with bringing a car into Turkey providing you have proof of ownership or the written permission of the owner. [Vehicle rental agreement for example].

Normally, 'Green Card' insurance issued in Europe also includes cover for Turkey, however you should check this carefully with your current insurer. Otherwise it is possible to obtain minimum cover traffic insurance at the port of arrival. Bear in mind that these offices may be closed if your arrival time is very early or late.

Currently, as far as we are aware, the rule for foreign registered vehicles imported on a tourist Visa is that they can stay in Turkey for a period of six months in any twelve month period.

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